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Summer Hours at Zinnias

Summer has officially hit Phoenix and with change in the weather we are getting ready to implement our Summer Hours.  Don’t worry we aren’t cutting back too much, just trying to save the coolers by running them a  little less during the weekdays.

Starting on June 15th through August 31st we will be open the following:

Monday-Thursday: 12pm to 6pm

Friday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Thank you for your loyal following and please call us at the store at 602.264.4166 with any questions.

Best Regards,

Fedora Mike

Chinese New Year- Marshall Shore

The Chinese New Year is upon us and this year’s zodiac is the year of the horse with the element of wood. Hence the pic of a wooden horse. That indeed is available available at Zinnia’s!

What does the year of the wooden horse mean for you?

People born in the Year of the Horse (which I am one, only fire is my element) are strong minded, energetic and very sociable. Those born under the horse will have even more energy and their year will gallop along, though we should watch out for temper towards the end of the year, though.

Wood horses work hard and are good at making decisions, great at socializing, and quite capable of having a large circle of friends.

For other Chinese zodiac signs, the year of the wood horse will bring energy, but take care that this does not become negative and turn into conflict.

Marshall Shore: Hip Historian