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Zinnias TV Debut on Thrift Hunters

Did you see Zinnias at Melrose and Antique Sugar’s TV debut on Thrift Hunters? What a great episode! Thrift Hunters follows thrifting gurus Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman on a fast paced, modern day treasure hunt. With a sixth-sense for bargain hunting and the world of online auctions, Jason and Bryan try to turn second-hand goods into first-rate profit.

The episode that aired on Saturday, March 1st featured various thrift store and antique malls in the Phoenix area. During their picking travels in the Valley they head on over to our very own Zinnias at Melrose for the ultimate treasure hunt. As they scour through the aisles in the store Jason stumbles upon a vibrant vintage framed poster of Alice in Wonderland. But what happens when our very own, Tucker Bingham, wants to buy that very same poster? Well I don’t want to spoil it for you so here is a link to the video promotion they used for this episode titled, “This Could Get Ugly.” Also search the website for the full video of the entire episode.