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Maybe it started with the movie Office Space? I fell in love with Milton Waddams’ red Swingline stapler, and went out and bought one for my office.

Early on in my selling days, one of my favorite finds was a vintage turn of the century NCR stapler with a curly tail. Such a fantastic design!

My horizons have now stretched well beyond the stapler, and some of my favorite things to hunt and hoard are vintage office supplies and desk accessories. I love the meeting of form and function that vintage office accessories offer. From classic designs and packaging, the quality and craftsmanship, and of course the inherent practicality of these pieces make them irresistible to me!

Metal desk organizers, file boxes, lamps, and old typewriters are great functional pieces to bring a vintage look to your office space. Check out this amazing metal file cabinet- finding a wonderful signature piece like this can completely transform the look of your space, all while providing tons of stylish old school storage!

Vintage office supplies and accessories are an affordable, fun and usable vintage purchase. Whether you are trying to create a chic industrial space, a classic library look, a Mid-Century Mad Men inspired office, or just need a dash of vintage cool for your cubicle just add some vintage office supplies and accessories for that authentic look.

Happy Hunting!


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