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Hello everyone! My name is Sharon and I am one of the new vendors here at Zinnias. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of a simple style outdoor wedding, party, baby shower, etc. with pretty scenery and vintage decor. That is the big trend right now. It’s much more affordable also!

Vintage Suitcases! So many possibilities and so many styles! You can find glossy ones, bright colored ones, classic ones, metal ones, alligator skin, and on and on. If you haven’t checked, some are just as pretty inside. I love seeing fabric or velvet materials used inside some of these.

I admit to having a few piece of luggage that I adore. My favorite is a monogrammed alligator square suitcase with satin deep purple material inside. I also had an old accordion case that was falling apart, but the red velvet material inside was just so pretty. So the condition of the outside didn’t matter because propped open it was gorgeous.

What can you do with old suitcases?

Re-Purpose one into a Medicine Cabinet.

Stack several and you have an instant side, end, or corner table. And don’t forget, built in storage! Great for storage blankets, magazines, photo albums, and board games.

Set one high on top of a piece of tall furniture for some interesting color and texture.

Leave one open and arrange collectibles sitting inside as a display in your home or business.

Stack items inside, and don’t forget to think outside the box! Set an old lamp inside one along with some other shiny and fun items that you may have.

For weddings or parties you can set one on top of an old piece of furniture, open the suitcase and use it for a box to place cards, and arrange as a spot with party favors inside at a birthday party.

Due to the many colors and textures you can use them for photo shoots. Place them in the background, or dress up vintage and hold one in your hand. (the cute little train cases are perfect for that!)

Many Vintage Suitcases are sturdy and very pretty inside, and small train cases often times have a mirror and an upper tray. They serve as a great travel, carry on bag, and makeup storage for today!

If you on the hunt for suitcases, come on down to Zinnias as we have quite the selection!

All of the photographs below are from our vendors here at Zinnias!