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The Question

Almost four years ago I met a girl who little did I know would change my life forever. At the time I was living without hope, without confidence, and without a purpose. There is an old quote that “Love isn’t something you find, but Love is something that finds you.” I had almost given up on that concept until I met you. You walked right into my life with such grace, beauty, class, and that infectious smile of yours. I had never met anyone so happy, so genuine, and so comfortable being herself. It didn’t take me very long to fall head over heels in love with you, and realize that you were what made me whole. I wasn’t complete without you because the best thing about me is you.

I have known for a while now that you were my soul mate, and I can’t even imagine my life without you in it. So I asked myself, what is your favorite thing in the World (besides our dog)? Easy right, because it’s Christmas! Anyone who knows you knows that you start counting down the days until Christmas literally the day after Christmas. I even sing Christmas songs in the car with you because I know how much you love this time of the year. You are always so selfless, and are just so excited to give everyone in your life the best gifts possible.

Well this Christmas I want to give you the gift of love, commitment, and my word that I will love you until the day that I die. In the words of George Bailey “I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the year after that.” But before I can do that I have to ask you just one question.

Becky, will you marry me?

Summer Hours at Zinnias

Summer has officially hit Phoenix and with change in the weather we are getting ready to implement our Summer Hours.  Don’t worry we aren’t cutting back too much, just trying to save the coolers by running them a  little less during the weekdays.

Starting on June 15th through August 31st we will be open the following:

Monday-Thursday: 12pm to 6pm

Friday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

Thank you for your loyal following and please call us at the store at 602.264.4166 with any questions.

Best Regards,

Fedora Mike

New Dealers at Zinnias!!

Zinnias at Melrose has recently added two new vendors to it’s already amazing team. Cole Reed from GreenHaus, an eclectic boutique right here in Phoenix, and Remo Paul, a mid-century dealer with an amazing eye and prices that won’t break the bank.
Both of these wonderful dealers are all set up in their new spaces and ready to share their wonderful finds with you.
Come visit Zinnias at Melrose open daily from 10am-6pm where 12,000 square feet of vintage furnishings are awaiting your arrival.
You can also visit us online at, and through social media at Facebook and Instagram.
Please call us with any questions at 602.264.4166 and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Best Regards,
Fedora Mike

Vintage Office Inspirations

Maybe it started with the movie Office Space? I fell in love with Milton Waddams’ red Swingline stapler, and went out and bought one for my office.

Early on in my selling days, one of my favorite finds was a vintage turn of the century NCR stapler with a curly tail. Such a fantastic design!

My horizons have now stretched well beyond the stapler, and some of my favorite things to hunt and hoard are vintage office supplies and desk accessories. I love the meeting of form and function that vintage office accessories offer. From classic designs and packaging, the quality and craftsmanship, and of course the inherent practicality of these pieces make them irresistible to me!

Metal desk organizers, file boxes, lamps, and old typewriters are great functional pieces to bring a vintage look to your office space. Check out this amazing metal file cabinet- finding a wonderful signature piece like this can completely transform the look of your space, all while providing tons of stylish old school storage!

Vintage office supplies and accessories are an affordable, fun and usable vintage purchase. Whether you are trying to create a chic industrial space, a classic library look, a Mid-Century Mad Men inspired office, or just need a dash of vintage cool for your cubicle just add some vintage office supplies and accessories for that authentic look.

Happy Hunting!


Moonstruck Vintage

Third Thursday, March 20th at Zinnias = 20% OFF Entire Store

Come visit us at Zinnias at Melrose for Third Thursday 20% OFF the entire store for the MARCH sale! So many great treasures!

I just love walking through the store and scoping out the finds. I also have many of my favorites that I eyeball and fantasize about owning and transforming. So these are some of my picks of fun and fabulous items currently at Zinnias! Store prices are listed, some inspirational photos for what you can do with some of these items, and sale prices for our Third Thursday March 20th sale are also posted! Remember these prices are for ONE DAY ONLY! And if you see something you just HAVE TO HAVE, don’t wait! Come on by now, or else show up at opening time so you can grab it before someone else does.

Fabulous Kelly Green Lockers

Regular Price: $325- from Vendor #59

Sale Price: $260


Regular Price: $65-$75

Sale Price: $52-$60

Just saw this fabulous idea for using a large chalkboard, you can use a wall mounted one, paint the frame around it, and then draw and hang it as a headboard!

When I walk through the store I see lots of potential ideas, things that catch my eye and scream all types of possibilities! Look at these 2 Vintage Wood Corner Cabinets. A Chippendale type style. You could install these in the corners of your dining room area as is. If you are into colors, shabby chic or a country type feel. You can change them up with some paint, line the back with wall paper, remove the cabinet doors for an open look, endless possibilities!

Corner Cabinets

Regular Price: $142- from Vendor #380

Sale Price: $113.60

See I would turn them into something like this…..

Take this large cabinet. Beautiful door with a large mirror. Inside are wood shelves.

Regular Price: $365- from Vendor JK

Sale Price: $292

You could turn it into something like this! Leave the door open and use this piece as a display in a shop or boutique. Or in your master bedroom as a place to store your fancy shoes, purses, and accessories.

This sofa is gorgeous! Would go fabulous in your home or would also make a great prop for a photographer.

Regular Price: $850- from Moonstruck Vintage

Sale Price: $680

Don’t have a fireplace? Always wanted one? Well now you can! Think outside the box, create a faux fireplace setup! You can start with this….

This item is located upstairs.

Regular Price: $50

Sale Price: $40

And with some paint and accessories….You can create this!

Another fabulous item! This huge 6×12 Vintage Hand Painted Carnival Sign/Poster on canvas. How much fun would this be to have, great for decor or for a business as it can cover a large wall space, and it looks like something straight out of American Pickers!

Regular Price: $295

Sale Price: $236

Vintage Walt Disney Plus Stuffed Animals

Regular Price: $25/each from Vendor SW

Sale Price: $20/each

1950’s Coca Cola Cooler

Regular Price: $250

Sale Price: $200

There are so many items all over the store, this is just a small sampling. Come on down, We also have delivery services so don’t let that stop you if you can’t fit it in your car!

See you soon!


Zinnias TV Debut on Thrift Hunters

Did you see Zinnias at Melrose and Antique Sugar’s TV debut on Thrift Hunters? What a great episode! Thrift Hunters follows thrifting gurus Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman on a fast paced, modern day treasure hunt. With a sixth-sense for bargain hunting and the world of online auctions, Jason and Bryan try to turn second-hand goods into first-rate profit.

The episode that aired on Saturday, March 1st featured various thrift store and antique malls in the Phoenix area. During their picking travels in the Valley they head on over to our very own Zinnias at Melrose for the ultimate treasure hunt. As they scour through the aisles in the store Jason stumbles upon a vibrant vintage framed poster of Alice in Wonderland. But what happens when our very own, Tucker Bingham, wants to buy that very same poster? Well I don’t want to spoil it for you so here is a link to the video promotion they used for this episode titled, “This Could Get Ugly.” Also search the website for the full video of the entire episode.

Planting Ideas In Your Head

These days repurposing and recycling are all the rage, but for us flea market fanatics and thrifty types repurposing is not really anything new. We are always looking at things thinking, “How can I use this cool old thing?” In the past, particularly during the Depression, people reused things however they could just to make ends meet. Quilts, rags rugs, and flour sack dresses are all ways that things were altered to create something new and useful.

Perhaps the most popular and easiest method of upcycling and repurposing is to turn something into a planter. For every object you buy there is a pretty good chance you could turn it into a planter. From teacups to toolboxes, bathtubs to baby doll heads, colanders to cowboy boots- someone, somewhere, has probably turned it into a planter.

A few things to keep in mind when creating repurposed planters- if you are going to plant directly into your container it will need to have drainage so your plants will not be in standing water. Depending on your container, you can drill holes, or you can fill the bottom with rocks or Styrofoam chunks. For wooden containers you may want to opt to just set potted plants in them and remove them when watering or the wood will eventually rot.

Here are a few inspirations pictures for you-

This is one of my own projects, a planter my Dad and I made using a broken chair and an old wooden crate.

I love this old cast iron tub turned centerpiece!


How about creating a hanging planter using an old metal colander and chain?


And for those of you with more eclectic tastes, check out this fabulous baby doll head planter by Bella Does Brighton.


So next time you are strolling through the aisles of Zinnias thinking, “I love it, but I’m not sure how I will use it,” just ask yourself, “can I turn this thing into a planter?” Trust me, the answer is probably yes. Keep in mind that the planter defense can also be used in the event that your husband, wife, boyfriend, roommate, mother, or friend questions a purchase you have made.

Vintage Suitcases!

Hello everyone! My name is Sharon and I am one of the new vendors here at Zinnias. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of a simple style outdoor wedding, party, baby shower, etc. with pretty scenery and vintage decor. That is the big trend right now. It’s much more affordable also!

Vintage Suitcases! So many possibilities and so many styles! You can find glossy ones, bright colored ones, classic ones, metal ones, alligator skin, and on and on. If you haven’t checked, some are just as pretty inside. I love seeing fabric or velvet materials used inside some of these.

I admit to having a few piece of luggage that I adore. My favorite is a monogrammed alligator square suitcase with satin deep purple material inside. I also had an old accordion case that was falling apart, but the red velvet material inside was just so pretty. So the condition of the outside didn’t matter because propped open it was gorgeous.

What can you do with old suitcases?

Re-Purpose one into a Medicine Cabinet.

Stack several and you have an instant side, end, or corner table. And don’t forget, built in storage! Great for storage blankets, magazines, photo albums, and board games.

Set one high on top of a piece of tall furniture for some interesting color and texture.

Leave one open and arrange collectibles sitting inside as a display in your home or business.

Stack items inside, and don’t forget to think outside the box! Set an old lamp inside one along with some other shiny and fun items that you may have.

For weddings or parties you can set one on top of an old piece of furniture, open the suitcase and use it for a box to place cards, and arrange as a spot with party favors inside at a birthday party.

Due to the many colors and textures you can use them for photo shoots. Place them in the background, or dress up vintage and hold one in your hand. (the cute little train cases are perfect for that!)

Many Vintage Suitcases are sturdy and very pretty inside, and small train cases often times have a mirror and an upper tray. They serve as a great travel, carry on bag, and makeup storage for today!

If you on the hunt for suitcases, come on down to Zinnias as we have quite the selection!

All of the photographs below are from our vendors here at Zinnias!

Chinese New Year- Marshall Shore

The Chinese New Year is upon us and this year’s zodiac is the year of the horse with the element of wood. Hence the pic of a wooden horse. That indeed is available available at Zinnia’s!

What does the year of the wooden horse mean for you?

People born in the Year of the Horse (which I am one, only fire is my element) are strong minded, energetic and very sociable. Those born under the horse will have even more energy and their year will gallop along, though we should watch out for temper towards the end of the year, though.

Wood horses work hard and are good at making decisions, great at socializing, and quite capable of having a large circle of friends.

For other Chinese zodiac signs, the year of the wood horse will bring energy, but take care that this does not become negative and turn into conflict.

Marshall Shore: Hip Historian

Antique vs. Vintage vs. Retro

The next time you are trolling Craigslist, searching Ebay, or following your favorite Facebook page you will probably notice the words vintage, antique and retro. Although these labels are applied quite liberally by sellers, just what makes something vintage or antique or retro?

Read more!