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Planting Ideas In Your Head

These days repurposing and recycling are all the rage, but for us flea market fanatics and thrifty types repurposing is not really anything new. We are always looking at things thinking, “How can I use this cool old thing?” In the past, particularly during the Depression, people reused things however they could just to make ends meet. Quilts, rags rugs, and flour sack dresses are all ways that things were altered to create something new and useful.

Perhaps the most popular and easiest method of upcycling and repurposing is to turn something into a planter. For every object you buy there is a pretty good chance you could turn it into a planter. From teacups to toolboxes, bathtubs to baby doll heads, colanders to cowboy boots- someone, somewhere, has probably turned it into a planter.

A few things to keep in mind when creating repurposed planters- if you are going to plant directly into your container it will need to have drainage so your plants will not be in standing water. Depending on your container, you can drill holes, or you can fill the bottom with rocks or Styrofoam chunks. For wooden containers you may want to opt to just set potted plants in them and remove them when watering or the wood will eventually rot.

Here are a few inspirations pictures for you-

This is one of my own projects, a planter my Dad and I made using a broken chair and an old wooden crate.

I love this old cast iron tub turned centerpiece!


How about creating a hanging planter using an old metal colander and chain?


And for those of you with more eclectic tastes, check out this fabulous baby doll head planter by Bella Does Brighton.


So next time you are strolling through the aisles of Zinnias thinking, “I love it, but I’m not sure how I will use it,” just ask yourself, “can I turn this thing into a planter?” Trust me, the answer is probably yes. Keep in mind that the planter defense can also be used in the event that your husband, wife, boyfriend, roommate, mother, or friend questions a purchase you have made.