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12 ways to style your vintage Coconut Chair

The coconut chair is a vintage piece of furniture that still fits into contemporary spaces today. It’s versatility and flexibility makes the coconut lounge so much sought after. Let’s show you 12 ways to style your coconut chair…   How to style your vintage Coconut Chair 1. Give your vintage Coconut Chair a modern makeover with a simple coat of paint. You can go for a sleek, monochromatic look or get creative with a fun pattern or design. 2. Add some personality to your chair with some vintage-inspired fabrics. You can reupholster the seat or simply add a cute seat cushion. 3. Give your chair a beachy makeover with some natural materials like rope or jute. You can also add some seashells or starfish for a truly beachy feel. 4. Use your vintage Coconut Chair as part of a more eclectic décor style. Mix and match different patterns and textures for a unique look. 5. Let your vintage Coconut Chair take center stage by keeping the rest of your décor simple and understated. 6. Create a cozy reading nook by adding a comfortable throw blanket and some pillows to your chair. 7. Use your vintage Coconut Chair as a plant stand and add some greenery to your home. 8. Make a statement by hanging a vintage-inspired mirror or piece of art above your chair. 9. Turn your vintage Coconut Chair into a makeshift bar cart by adding some shelves and vintage glassware. 10. Use your chair as the perfect place to display family photos or other cherished mementos. 11. Add some ambiance to your vintage Coconut Chair with a few candles placed around it. 12. Keep things simple and stylish by using your vintage Coconut Chair as an end table. Add a lamp and some books for a well-styled look.

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